What Would You Do ... If You Knew You Couldn't Fail?

You would dream like you did when you were young, creative, and fearless. You would create "big, hairy and audacious goals" and would not let anything or anyone get in your away of achieving them. 

In other words, you would say yes to your dreams and pursue them like you crave air, food, water, and shelter. You would protect them as a critical part of your life.

So, why is it that most people abandon their dreams and goals when they get older or face obstacles? 

It could be for many reasons, but usually happens when you do not have a very clear WHY or LIFE PURPOSE; GOALS which support your WHY and do not develop  ways to help you master your OBSTACLES or CHALLENGES.  

Even after doing those three things, you must be diligent and constantly measure each of those three areas if you want to live your true dreams.

For most of my life, I was teased for how I looked; where I came from; being raised by a single mother and stuttering. Instead of believing what others thought of me, I envisioned my why, set pertinent goals and committed to overcome my obstacles instead of giving into them. 

From the first grade and into my current retirement, I vowed to be smarter and more industrious than my peers. If there were limited opportunities, I would create a related one and master it. I never fought the system, but always vowed to be one of the best within it. 

I learned how to communicate through my speech impediment and found my voice. Most importantly, I remained confident, well prepared and focused on meaningful contributions, life changing messages, clear processes and proven results.

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Living Your True Dreams  Helps You Give Back

If I did not know my why, committed to pertinent goals and mastered my obstacles, the doubters and naysayers would gladly give me their lives to live.  

Now retired, living my true dreams include:

  • Help others focus on and live true dreams 
  • Spend time in Africa and Greece annually
  • Capture media of clouds, nature, moonlights, sunrises, sunsets and water 
  • Joint venture to improve my community
  • Sharing my blessings with others

Do You Need Help With  

  • Finding your WHY or LIFE PURPOSE
  • Improving your pertinent GOALS
  • Mastering your OBSTACLES

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You will also learn how to use your why, goal setting and overcoming obstacles skills to improve seven core lifestyle pillars:  career; community; finance; health and wellness; spirituality and travel. 

I am excited to help you transform your life and get closer to living your true dreams! 


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